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Frank's RedHot Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Ingredients & Storage:

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Where can I purchase Frank's RedHot sauces?

Frank's RedHot sauces are available from food stores, convenience stores and club stores nationally. If you are unable to find your favorite Frank's RedHot Sauce at your local store you can ask your store manager to order it.

What sizes are available for each Frank's RedHot product?

Frank's RedHot Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce: 5oz Glass, 12oz Glass, 23oz Glass
Frank's RedHot XTRA Hot Cayenne Pepper Sauce: 12oz Glass
Frank's RedHot Buffalo Wings Sauce: 12oz Glass, 64oz (in some club stores)
Frank's RedHot Chile 'n Lime™ Hot Sauce: 12 oz Glass
Frank's RedHot Sweet Chile Sauce: 12 oz Glass
Frank’s RedHot Slammin’ Sriracha Chili Sauce: 12 oz Glass
Frank's RedHot Ketchup Style Hot Sauce: 12oz Glass
Frank's RedHot Kickin' BBQ™ Sauce: 12oz Glass

I'm having difficulty printing a coupon. Where do I go for help?

Please visit the Help section to find answers to all of your coupon troubleshooting needs.

Ingredients & Storage

What is the shelf life of Frank's RedHot products?

Quality, freshness and flavor are top priorities at Frank's RedHot. You may have noticed that we recently changed to a BEST WHEN USED BY DATE coding system on our packaging. This is not an expiration date. The date stamped on shoulder or the bottom of the bottle is the date we recommend that you use the product by to assure the product's optimum flavor, freshness and consistent quality. The product will generally maintain good flavor quality for a few weeks after that date if refrigerated. Refrigeration will help maintain its flavor; however, it is not necessary if you prefer your Frank's RedHot to be room temperature.

Do Frank's RedHot sauces have to be refrigerated?

We recommend that Frank's RedHot Sweet Chili® and Frank’s RedHot® Slammin’ Sriracha® Chili Sauce be refrigerated after opening; All other sauces do not have to be, but, doing so will keep the product fresher for a longer period of time.

Do Frank's RedHot sauce products contain MSG?

No, Frank's RedHot Original, XTRA Hot, Buffalo Wings Sauce, Chile 'n Lime, Hot Buffalo Wings Sauce, Kickin' BBQ Sauce, Sweet Chili Sauce, Sriracha Chili Sauce and Ketchup Style Sauce do not contain MSG.

Are Frank's RedHot sauce products gluten free?

Yes, Frank's RedHot Original, XTRA Hot, Buffalo Wings Sauce, Chile 'n Lime, Hot Buffalo Wings Sauce, Kickin' BBQ Sauce, Sweet Chili Sauce, Sriracha Chili Sauce and Ketchup Style Sauce are gluten free. None of the ingredients used to make Frank's RedHot wing sauce contain any gluten.

Are Frank's RedHot sauce products kosher?

Frank's RedHot Original, XTRA Hot, Buffalo Wings Sauce, Chile 'n Lime, Hot Buffalo, Kickin' BBQ, Sriracha Chili Sauce and Ketchup Style Sauce are kosher. Frank's RedHot Sweet Chili is not kosher.

Recipes & flavor

Do you have any recipes using Frank's RedHot?

Frank's RedHot is an important ingredient in many dishes. View all of our Frank's RedHot recipes now. View all recipes

How can I make sure the wings I serve have the authentic flavor of Buffalo?

Frank's RedHot Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce was the secret ingredient in the first ever Buffalo Wings recipe. To give your wings authentic Buffalo flavor, use 3 parts Frank's RedHot Original and 2 parts melted butter. Toss your wings in this mixture and serve.

Is the Hot Buffalo Wings Sauce more or less hot than the Frank's RedHot XTRA Hot?

The heat level of Hot Buffalo Wings Sauce is between the Frank's RedHot Original Hot Sauce and the XTRA Hot Sauce.

How can I create a milder Frank's RedHot sauce?

For a milder wing sauce recipe, vary the ratio of Frank's RedHot to butter. For example in our standard traditional Buffalo Wings recipe using 2 1/2 lbs. chicken wings use: 3 parts butter: 2 parts RedHot (1/2 cup butter: 1/3 cup RedHot)

How can I make a spicier wing?

Substitute Frank's RedHot XTRA Hot for Frank's RedHot Original. You'll get four times the heat and all the flavor!

Can I feature your Frank's RedHot® recipes on my website or reference your French's® brand name in a recipe I am featuring?

Yes, as long as you comply with the following guidelines in terms of trademark usage. When you refer to our products in a recipe, you need to refer to the product name all in capital letters with the trademark symbol afterwards, such as "1/4 cup of FRANK'S REDHOT®" so that we can continue to protect our trademark rights. In any cookbook containing a recipe with our products, please also add the following acknowledgement: "The author and publisher would like to thank The French’s Food Company for the use of its recipe in this publication. The FRANK'S® REDHOT® trademark is used with permission of French’s Food Company LLC.

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